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With many years of experience, Susan Haworth has acquired the skills, knowledge and tools to help others manage and navigate the changes in their lives.


Susan Haworth has been providing counseling, coaching and consulting for four decades with a host of clients and customers in a variety of settings on both the East and West Coasts.

The Early Years

After receiving her B.A. in Psychology and M.Ed. in Community Counseling, Susan worked in mental health facilities in Atlanta, GA providing counseling to adult substance abusers and adolescents and their families.  Taking a sabbatical from direct service, Susan segued her career into managing social service programs.

The Enterprising 80’s

When the 80’s hit, Susan headed back to school and earned an M.S. in Management which she parlayed into a corporate training and consulting business.  As the principal of her consulting practice, Susan provided communication skills training programs and individual coaching for Fortune 500 companies and their managers.

The Tech Bubble Bursts

Joining the gold rush, Susan left Atlanta for Seattle where she continued to work as an independent contractor focusing on instructional design for high tech companies. During a particularly mind-numbing meeting, Susan had an epiphany that led her back to graduate school where she completed her Washington State school counseling credential.

Susan spent the next dozen years serving as a high school counselor in Washington and later as an adult school counselor in California.

The Move to the Bay Area

Being in the epicenter of technology (the San Francisco Bay Area), Susan seized another opportunity to reinvent herself.  In 2017, she decided to go world-wide by providing coaching and consulting via Skype.

Cambios (changes in Spanish) Coaching and Consulting seemed like the ideal moniker under which to operate.  Changes are what Susan’s life has been about as she moved from coast to coast; married, divorced and remarried; wrangled with single parenting and step-parenting; changed careers; made new friends and continues to turn things inside out.