"I have a lot of confidence that Susan has seen hundreds of "Melissa's" in her career. She will be a great guide and support for me during this hard time in my life!"

                 - Melissa A. (6/2018)

"I recently attended Susan's East Bay workshop. If you are working out a problem or want to change something important in your life, this is a great place to start. She is an experienced leader and the tone of the workshop is safe and supportive."

                    -Anne McDonald  (4/2018)

"Susan’s passion for helping others make their goals and dreams come true exceeds expectations. She sees the success of others as her own success!"

                     –Alejandra Baez (Oakland, CA)

"Universally, people find Susan to be comfortable to talk to and refreshingly honest. With clarity and discerning listening, Susan is able to provide fresh perspectives and options, sensitively managing each unique situation."

                         –Laurie Martin (Vashon, WA)

"Susan has the ability to gain the confidence of her clients and help them to pinpoint their strengths and capitalize on them. She is also a master at helping people adapt to major life changes by reassessing expectations and goals to create a new pathway for success."

                        –Jodie Williams (Atlanta, GA)